Character Descriptions

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever - Fall 2022

Cast of Characters:

Note that while the characters are listed according to recommended ages, depending on auditions we will be open to casting students in older roles.

Student-Aged characters:

Beth Bradley – the narrator, strong speaking voice and strong stage presence, 10-13
Charlie Bradley- traditional younger brother, funny, annoying 8-11
Ralph Herdman- ragged, scroungy, slouching manner, “cool” attitude 12-14
Imogene Herdman- loud, bossy, clever 11-13
Leroy Herdman- tough, sure of himself 10-12
Claude Herman– tough, combative 9-10
Ollie Herdman- looking for trouble, Claude’s usual partner in crime, 8-9
Gladys Herdman- small, fiesty, loud 8-9
Alice Wendleken- prim, proper, pain in the neck, know-it-all 10-13
Elmer Hopkins– 11-14
Hobie- 8-12
David- 8-12
Beverly- 8-12
Doris– 8-12

Adult-aged Characters:

Father (Bob Bradley)- solid family man, 30s-40s
Mother (Grace Bradley)- loving mother albeit slightly overwhelmed, 30s-40s
Mrs. Armstrong-  prominent woman, managerial in voice and manner 30yrs+
Mrs. Slocum- pleasant, motherly 30yrs+
Mrs. Clark- 30+
Mrs. Clausling- 30+
Mrs. McCarthy- younger, less imperious version of Mrs. Armstrong, 30s-40s
Reverend Hopkins- 40+

Piano Player – someone who can play portions of Christmas Carols as scene transition music as well as full Carols.  This could a one of the characters listed above, or someone who solely plays the piano during the show.



*Please note that character age ranges are simply guidance, and not a restriction. They may be adjusted during the casting process.