Gathering on Saturday

I miss you all so much already! But the good news is, I can (hopefully) see you again very very soon! We were unable to have a Director’s Event….. So many of us are going to “accidentally run into each other” at Grass Valley Park this Saturday! Anyone who was involved in the show (cast, […]

A patron review

Hello Everyone, I know the post-show let down is REAL and I’m sure many of us are still feeling that today.  To lighten that a bit, I just wanted to share this patron review with you.  I think it will brighten your day.  Now that The Little Mermaid has ended, I feel I’m a little […]

Closing Weekend Updates

Our end time at Parkrose for Thursday and Friday has been extended by 15 minutes to 10:15pm.  If you are scheduled to clean, please plan to stay until that time. On Saturday our end time is 11:30pm.  All committee members should be there to help clean, load out and return items to where they belong. […]

Artistic Team Thank You Gifts

Hello Cast, Crew, and Production Committee members! At the end of the show run, show families  like to express appreciation to the  the Artistic Team.  This is completely optional.  As the Show Chair, I collect donations toward a group gift for each of them.  If you are interested in contributing, please bring your donation as […]

Makeup Notes from Saturday

All cast wearing creme color needs powder to set it. You can buy it yourself or order it through Sabrina. To do so, email  by noon on Wednesday,  July 20th.  Cash can be paid to her at Dress Rehearsal on Monday, 25th. Approximately $10. It will be Ben Nye neutral set, 1.75 oz. We […]