Ticket Sales and Director’s Event!

Our ticket sales goal for The Little Mermaid is 3,000 tickets.  As of today, we’ve sold 488!  We’ll have show cards to give to you at rehearsal this weekend; you can easily carry them with you to hand out in your neighborhood, at church, work, and anyplace else you happen to go.  In addition, if you are on Social Media, you can also share our show posts and invite people to the show event from the Journey Theater Facebook page.   Here’s a link to our promo video that you can text or email to friends and family as well!

If we sell at least 3,000 tickets, we’ll have a DIRECTOR’S EVENT on the evening of August 13th where the cast and crew can watch the video of the show.  If we sell 3,500 tickets, dinner will be included and if we sell 4,000, dessert will be included as well!