Lost and Found

If any of these items belong to you, please let me know. I can bring them to class nights to return to you.

1. black shorts size XL

2. black shorts size S/M

3. jazz shoes size 8.5

4. black sock – DKNY brand

5. olive green water bottle “Priest Lake Idaho”

6. turquoise Pogo brand water bottle

7. Metal water bottle, Pioneer Woman brand

Honk! Wrap Party

The Brahmer Family will be hosting a Wrap Party for all cast and crew on Friday, June 2nd, from 6-9pm. This is not an official Journey event. If you’d like to help, or have any questions, please contact Brittany at 360-713-8209.

Please RSVP to Brittany by Wednesday May 31st. 


Congrats to everyone on a fantastic opening weekend! Here are some details about the rest of our time at First Presbyterian.

Today, May 22nd,  is the deadline to order a recording of the show or access to the photo gallery. Go to the payments tab at the top of the callboard to order.

On Tuesday, May 23rd, we will move back into the performance space. Tech will start as early as 5pm and Sets will start at 6pm. Parents on tech, sets, and paint committees should plan to attend. Help from any other parents on committees would be very much appreciated! Students are not called, but may attend to help with their parent.

On Wednesday, May 24th, we have a rehearsal from 5:30-7:30pm to run through the school day version of the show. This is not mandatory, but it would be very helpful for all cast and crew to attend. If you have not RSVP’d to let me know if your student can be there, please do so. You can text me at 425-306-1106 or email s.mcilroy@journeytheater.org  Thank you!  Green Room, Costumes, Hair and Makeup, and Props Committees will set up starting at 5pm on Wednesday.

Thursday, May 25th: Call time is 8:30am. Please be on time! School Day Performances at 9:30am and 12pm. For those that ordered a show meal, it will be delivered at 11am. All committees except for auctions, box office, and concessions will be needed.

Friday, May 26th: Call time is 6pm, performance is at 7pm. Committees are welcome to come in as early at 5:15pm to set up.

Saturday, May 27th: Call time is 1pm. Performances are at 2pm and 7pm. We will have a cast celebration with awards between shows from approximately 4:45-5:30pm. Parents are welcome to attend. Show meals will be ready for those who ordered at 5:30pm.

Strike: Immediately after our last performance, we will move out of the space. All parents on committees must attend to help! Anything you brought to the church, you take from the church. Be sure to return items to the same place you pulled them from as soon as possible, as the other show may need them. Things from the office must go back to the office, things from the warehouse go back to the warehouse. Please do not drop items and leave, expecting someone else to put things away.

Committee Chair Paperwork: All receipts and unused funds must be turned into the Journey office at US Digital within 1 week of the close of the show, using the Parent Committee Worksheet.

Scripts will be collected by the stage manager in the lobby after our final show. There is a $25 fee added to your family account if scripts are not erased. Scripts are not available for purchase. A $40 fine is added for unreturned scripts.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Shannon at s.mcilroy@journeytheater.org. Thanks again for all your hard work. I’m looking forward to another fun and rewarding weekend of Honk! 🙂



Ticket Sales Update

As of today, we’ve sold 1,073 tickets to our show! Great job, everyone! To help us reach our goal of selling 1700 tickets, Journey is offering a sale price of $12 for tickets sold at the door for every performance. Please keep inviting people to come see this beautiful show!

Cleaning Schedule

Please note the nights that your cast/crew member(s) are scheduled to clean.  They will be the last to leave the theater on those evenings, about 10 minutes later than everyone else.

It would be helpful if you confirm that their tasks were completed when you pick them up so they don’t get reassigned to help on another evening. 😉

Journey cleaning schedule – Honk

Parents in Lighted Booth

I am looking for a parent volunteer to be in the lighted booth for each performance. This person will need to be in the booth 15 minutes prior to the show, and will be the adult presence with our crew students on spotlights. A current background check is required (Journey will provide this if needed).  It is a great vantage point to watch the show!

If you’d like to help, please email me at s.mcilroy@journeytheater.org.

Friday 5/19


Saturday 5/20

2pm: Genia Melton


Thursday 5/25

9:30am: Jessica Pace

12pm: Jessica Pace

Friday 5/26

7pm: Sarah Jenkins

Saturday 5/27

2pm: Emily Yuen

7pm: Genia Melton



Makeup Info

If your student has a hairpiece, headband, hat or hair bow, those will be provided for them by the Hair & Makeup Committee.

Any specialty makeup needed will be laid out at tonight’s Parent Meeting. Parents should take the makeup labeled for their child.

For those assigned to wing out their eyeliner, here’s a great resource to help. Please use liquid or gel black eyeliner- it makes it a lot easier.

How To: Perfect Winged Eyeliner