You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

A Note from Beka

Hey All,

Great rehearsal weekend! We got so much done, whatever we didn’t get done, we have room in the schedule to do it! Here are some updates below: tickets, dances, nonsense, and lyrics and scenes are  coming your way! Don’t forget to practice along with “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (New Broadway Cast Recording (1999))”


Ticket Sale Updates

242 general tickets sold; you sold 42 in two days!

920 school day tickets sold

1162 tickets sold so far!


Kickball game – 2000 *almost there!!!

SOLD OUT GOAL is 3804; we are 2642 to go!


Dance Videos have been updated with “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” “Snoopy” “My Blanket & Me” and “The Kite”

Charlie Brown | Dance Videos


Nonsense Board…The cast of Around the World in 80 Days sent us a shout out video, let’s make them a video next weekend!

Charlie Brown | Nonsense Board


Speaking of Around the World in 80 Days, let’s all go see it together on June 1st 7pm!!! Whaddya say?

We are attaching PDF’s for the following scenes/songs:

Lunch Hour

Lunch Hour

Lunch Hour 2

Lunch Hour 3

Coathanger Monologue


The Kite song

The Kite 1

The Kite 2

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day

See you next weekend!!!


Beka Hardt

Music Binders

Students who do not have  a script will receive printed music/lyrics pages at rehearsal tomorrow. It would be helpful if students could bring a binder to keep their music in. These pages are theirs to keep and they are free to mark them up. They should bring their music binder to every rehearsal.



Pizza at Rehearsal

On certain rehearsals days, we will be offering pizza for sale at $1.50/slice for those who would like to order. Pizza must pre-ordered by filling out the form (see below). Students should bring exact cash in an envelope labeled with their name and pizza order, and turn it in at the beginning of that day’s rehearsal. 

During most rehearsals, students will have a 15 minute break for lunch or dinner (generally at about 6:15pm on Fridays, 11am on Saturdays)  If not ordering pizza, they should bring something they can eat quickly during the break.

I will post a reminder each week, but for those of you who would like to plan ahead, here are all the pizza dates and order forms. 🙂

Friday April 12th (due by 5pm on 4/11)

Friday April 19th (due by 5pm on 4/18)

Friday April 26th (due by 5pm on 4/25)

Friday May 3rd (due by 5pm on 5/2)

Friday May 10th (due by 5pm on 5/9)

Saturday May 18th (due by 5pm on 5/17)


A Note from Beka

Hey All!

Hope you are having a great spring break…or anticipating a great spring break! That was some good ole fun at the read through, just being in the same room together is always special. I can’t wait to start putting the pieces of the show together.

Some follow up from our evening together:

You can listen to “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (New Broadway Cast Recording (1999))” as Sean mentioned it’s basically our show and you can use it to rehearse.

The full company numbers are:

Opening/You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Beethoven Day

T.E.A.M./The Baseball Game

Suppertime *at end


Ticket sales!!!

Level 1 is 2600

Level 2 is 3200

Level 3 is 3804

We have 5 public shows and 2 school day shows!

Drum roll, you have sold…650 school day and 100 regular tickets!!! 750, as Lucy would say “only

3054 to go!”

If we hit 2000 tickets by May, we are gonna have a kickball game on May 4th.

I love taking videos and photos. Every show I put together a nonsense board where you have access to pure nonsense from all our show hang outs!

Charlie Brown | Nonsense Board

Can’t wait to see you soon and bring life to our show!

Beka Hardt

Music Practice Tracks

It was great to all be together at the read through last night! During the break, please be listening to and learning the music from the show. The best way to do this is to listen to the Broadway version of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, as this version is a close match to ours.

Practice Tracks:

At the top of this page, you will find the Show Index. Under that is a tab called “Practice Music Tracks.” Please follow the instructions there to install the ShowReady app on a PC or Apple device. This is how you will access practice tracks specific to our show.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Shannon at


The following students will receive a script. Scripts are not able to be purchased. All scripts must be returned at the close of the show. A $40 charged will be added to the family’s Journey account for any unreturned scripts.

Students are allowed to highlight and make permanent marks in their scripts.  

Adelyn Miller
Chloe McIlroy
Emerson Mannen
Gracie Brahmer
Ian Erickson
Jaisey Pace
Josh Postupak
Katie Connolly
Lillian Sanders
Lily Strickland
Mary Anderson
Noah Fant
Olivia Remsing
Rylan Lewis
Sophia Nissen
Spencer Hays
Trevin Miller
Tyson Miller

School Day Shows and Promoting the Show

During our meeting on Friday April 12th, we will have posters available for parents to check out. If you have a workplace bulletin board or know of a business that would be willing to display our show poster, please check one out and hang it up to help promote the show. You can see the Posters Committee to check out a poster.

Here are some things you can do to help promote the show:

  • Let your child’s teacher know their student has been cast in a play. Here’s a letter you can use to inform them about the missed school day on May 23rd: School Day Letter – CB. Please notify your child’s teacher at least 2 weeks in advance (so by May 9th).
  •  Invite your child’s teacher or homeschool group to bring their class to one of our school day shows on May 23rd. To reserve school day tickets, they should visit the Journey website. All the information is available here.
  • Start inviting friends and family early
  •  Share show info and promo graphics on social media
  • Share Journey’s posts related to the show

Thank you, thank you! Your support is so appreciated!

Audition Feedback

Because we are an educational theater company, we want to be able to offer constructive feedback from the audition experience so that students can continue to grow in their skills. Auditioning for a show is a vulnerable process; students often spend lots of time preparing and planning for the opportunity to showcase their best in their “Minute to Shine”. When casting goes a different direction than students hoped, there often is disappointment and a desire to improve.

With these things in mind, here are a few guidelines and reminders for requesting feedback from the artistic team:

1.) So that we don’t overload our artistic teams, we reserve feedback for students who were not cast in a lead role.

1.)  Students, not parents, should send an email request to the Show Director through the Show Coordinator ( Parents are welcome to help supervise students in their request, but it is important for the request to be initiated by the performer so the Director can address them directly.

2.)  Requests for feedback should be made before Act 1 Run Thru.  Requests made after Act 1 Run Thru challenge the Director’s immediate memory recall.

3.)  Requests should be made via EMAIL ONLY. Face to face inquiries are inappropriate. They are stressful for the student and cause the Director to feel “on the spot”. Giving feedback via email allows Directors to consult with their team and compile notes in order to give a well thought out critique.

4.)  Students should expect to only receive feedback about their individual performance. Students will not be told why they did not receive a particular role. They will simply be given a critique of the audition they presented.

5.)  Students and parents are reminded that sometimes there are no specific improvements a student could make. They performed to an exemplary level and could not have done anything different to prepare more efficiently. Casting a show is a difficult process and theatrical story telling often relies on physical ability to convey the story. We encourage students to know and understand their “type” and embrace the opportunity for roles that suit their strengths.

The Artistic Team is committed to pursuing the Lord’s design and vision for the show. They “pray without ceasing,” sometimes for months before casting. Casting a show is an act of faith on their part and we trust that the Lord will help them to place kids where they can shine, be a blessing, be blessed, and bring glory to His name!

Winter VIP Event

VIP Invite

You’re invited to the “VIP Experience,” a Journey Theater fundraising event at Washougal High School on Saturday, March 9th, 2-6pm.

This event will begin with a matinee performance of SpongeBob the Musical. Following the performance, VIP guests will enjoy a catered dinner while hearing stories of impact from students, parents and alumni. Guests will leave with a real experience of what this nonprofit program is and more importantly why it exists. They will also learn about opportunities to partner with Journey’s youth-serving mission by sharing Journey with other families, donating, and volunteering. Join us for a peek behind the not-so-metaphorical curtain! RSVP online at: Winter VIP Event

The cost for hosting a table of 8 is $320. If you would like to host a table, or would like more information, please contact Vicky at

Excused Absences from Rehearsals

If the conflicts can be accommodated and your student is cast, those conflicts will be excused.

If conflicts are such that missing those rehearsals prove detrimental to the work of the show, it may mean that your student is not cast.

The assumption is that if your student can be at rehearsal when called, they will be.

Students MUST attend all shows.

Students must be present at all dress rehearsals unless there is a school conflict that determines a grade.

Please note that if a student is absent (for any reason) from a rehearsal where something new is taught, it is possible that they won’t be able to be in that scene/song/dance, or a portion thereof.  Because of our tight rehearsal schedule, the Artistic Team rarely has time to go back and re-teach what has already been taught.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.