You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Missing Show Posters, Found Charm, and Script Return

Missing Show Posters:

We are missing 3 signed show posters that disappeared from under the auctions table at the theater. These were pre-ordered by families and were set aside for them to pick up. It’s possible someone picked one up not realizing they were spoken for. If you ended up with a show poster that you didn’t order or win at auction, please let me know so it can be returned to the Journey office. Thank you!

Souvenir Charm Found:

Also, there was a Charlie Brown souvenir charm found. If your student is missing theirs, let me know.

Scripts and Binders:

If your student still has their script or crew binder, it MUST be returned by Friday. There will be a $40 fee for scripts not returned by then.



Lost and Found

Lost and found items!  These items can be picked up at the wrap party on Friday, or at the Journey office at US Digital  between Monday, June 3rd and Friday, June 14th.  After that, they will be donated to Goodwill. The office is open from 9am – 3pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Connolly family–I have a blue and orange plaid shirt marked with your name. 🙂

Galvan family–I have a box of makeup/wipes marked with your name. 🙂

Red coat, Swiss Tech brand, size XL 14-16:

Jazz shoes, no brand or size markings–looks like a larger kid size or small adult size. These have been in the lost and found since callbacks.

Hoodie, Cat & Jack brand, size 10/12:

Lone jazz shoe, size 11:

inside markings:

Wrap Party

Dear Charlie Brown Families,

As you know, we set a goal of selling 2,600 tickets to earn a wrap party for this production. As of this morning, we have sold 2,374. We recognize that having only one weekend of shows on Memorial Day weekend was a challenge.  Even though we haven’t quite hit the goal, our ticket sales are a huge accomplishment!
The heart behind ticket sales goals is to incentivize sharing about the show. Even though we didn’t hit the goal, we feel it is important for this cast and crew to have the opportunity to celebrate their achievement and watch their show together.
The Charlie Brown wrap party will take place at Summit View Church on Friday, May 31st, from 7-9pm. All cast and crew are welcome to attend.
We at Journey Theater are so grateful for you–a beautiful, supportive community that works hard to support Journey’s mission by helping to sell tickets. Thanks again for all your work on You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, and for your ongoing support of Journey.
-The Journey Team

A Few Quick Reminders

What a great first day of performances! Great job, everyone! We are so proud of you and of this show!

If you are looking for detailed information about the weekend shows, please scroll down–it is in an earlier post. 🙂

A couple of quick notes:

The show run time is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes (95 minutes plus a 20 minute intermission and a 20 minute meet and greet time). If you are dropping your student off and not staying at the theater on a show day, please plan to pick them up 2 hours and 15 minutes after the show start time. (For example, Friday’s show is at 7pm, so you would drop them off at 6pm and return at 9:15pm). Please be aware there may be times when the show is held and we run slightly behind schedule…we will try our best to stay on time!

Our current ticket sales are 2,086! Keep inviting people to come enjoy the show! There’s a BOGO ticket sale if they use the code “RainyDay.”

If you are a committee chair, strike is approaching quickly! Please be sure to have your committee paperwork ready to turn in on Sunday, or plan to turn it in to the office next week.

Remember we have our opening night party tomorrow (Friday) night, and our awards time on Sunday after the show.

I’m here if you have any questions! 🙂 or 425-306-1106



Bring Extra Water


We’ve noticed the water from the sink in the Green Room is weirdly aerated and not great to drink. The water from the bathroom sink is warm (and the kids think it’s gross to drink water from the bathroom sink!) The water fountain is in a spot where kids can’t go, because they’ll be seen by patrons. Please send lots of extra water with your student–extra bottles to keep in their show boxes (labeled with their name)  would be great. Thank you!

Weekend Show Details

Our weekend shows are almost here! We are so excited for everyone to experience the “Happiness” of this show! (If you are looking for info about school day shows on Thursday, it is in a previous post)


Parking at the Garver:

When parking at the theater for weekend performances, please use the rear parking lot (yellow area on map below) or street parking so that the auditorium parking lot (blue area)  is open for patrons.

On Thursday, we will reserve the rear parking lot for busses. On that day only, families may park in the front parking lot. Thank you for your help with this!


Here’s some info about each performance day:

Friday, May 24th: 7pm show

Call time is 6pm for all cast and crew. Please be on time! Parent committees (publicity, concessions, box office) may arrive as early at 5:45pm to set up in the lobby. These committees should be ready for business by 6:15pm. Tech, Props, Backstage, Green Room, Costumes and Hair and Makeup are welcome to come in as early as 5:45 and set up their areas. Students who are coming early must remain with their parent until 6pm. At that time, they should check in with Gracie in the lobby and go to the green room.

Contributions to the artistic team gift will be accepted through Friday night. Please connect with Audrey Miller, Show Chair, in the lobby before shows if you’d like to take part and sign cards.

After the performance, we’ll be holding our Opening Night Party at Burgerville, 518 NE 3rd Camas. All cast and crew and their families are welcome to join in celebration of opening night.


Saturday, May 25th: 2pm show and 7pm show

Call time is 1pm for all cast and crew.  Lobby  committees should be ready for business by 1:15pm.

Show meals will be delivered at approximately 4pm. If you did not order a show meal, please be sure to pack a meal for your student.


Sunday, May 26th: 2pm show and strike

Call time is 1pm for all cast and crew.  Lobby committees should be ready for business by 1:15pm.

Immediately following meet and greet, we will gather in the auditorium to hand out awards. Parents are welcome to join!


On Sunday afternoon, immediately following awards, we will begin Strike. All parents serving on a committee should plan to stay and help.

Students will head to the green room and lighted room immediately following awards.  All of their personal belongings must be gathered into their show boxes, and boxes taken to the lobby area or to parents’ vehicles.  Students, please consider helping out those assigned to cleaning duties. 

Laundry committee will direct students where to put costumes according to color/type.

Scripts are not available to purchase and must be returned at strike. Consider bringing scripts to the theater and have your student keep them in their show box so they will be at the theater and ready for turn in on Sunday! There is a $40 fee for unreturned scripts.

Sets will immediately begin loading into the trailer. Any additional help with this will be greatly appreciated.

All committees will remove all items from the theater.  Items that were taken from the warehouse need to be returned to the warehouse and put in their correct location.  Please do not just dump items inside the door and expect others to return them to their proper places.

All Committee Chairs should turn in budget sheets along with receipts and remaining funds (and cash boxes) to Shannon.

Box Office, Refreshments and Show Chair may turn in their paperwork the week following strike, to the Journey Office.


As always, feel free to reach out with any questions at

Thank you, everyone, for all of your hard work and dedication to this production of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown!  It has been a pleasure working with each of you and getting to know you. I look forward to a fun weekend of Charlie Brown, and to working with you again on a future show!



Spirit Week Days!

Spirit week is a fun tradition during Dress Week. Each day has a different theme, and students may dress up if they wish. Spirit days should not affect your hair or makeup for the show.

Here’s our schedule for Spirit Week:

Monday: Show Shirt Day

Tuesday: Happiness Day (bring something that makes you happy!)

Wednesday: Pajama Day

Thursday: Blankie Day (bring your blankie!)

Friday: Dress Up/Fancy Day

Thursday School Day Shows

Hello, amazing Charlie Brown families! Here is the schedule for the school day shows on Thursday:

If you are not staying at the theater on this day, please plan to pick your student up at 2:45pm. We will try our best to stay on schedule!

8:00am Tech, Backstage, Green Room, Costumes, Hair and Makeup, Box Office, and House committees may enter to get set

8:30am All cast and crew called

9:30-11:00am Show #1

11:00-11:30am Break/Lunch (Please send a lunch with your student, unless you purchased a show meal)

11:30-12:00pm Touch up hair/makeup, costumes, mic checks

12:00-1:30pm Show #2

1:30-2:30pm Full company photos

2:30-2:45pm Change out of costume, cleaning duties, exit theater


For this day only, do not park in the rear parking lot (yellow area). This lot will be reserved for school busses. Instead, please park on the street or in the front lots (blue area).

Questions? Feel free to reach out to me at  Thank you!


Move In Details

MOVE-IN is Sunday, May 19th

Location: Joyce Garver Theater, 1500 NE Garfield Ave. in Camas

Move In Schedule and Call Times: (please note, there have been some slight adjustments since the parent meeting)

5:00pm: Sets/Tech Only

6:00pm: Gracie, Jovie; Costumes, Green Room, H&MU Committees setup

7:00-7:30pm: All Cast/Crew called. Bring show boxes!  Safety Meeting (required for cast, crew, and all parents new to venue)

7:30pm: Non mic’d cast dismissed, Rain dismissed

7:30-8:30pm: Mic Training and EQ’s with Norm/Andy (All cast who wear a mic); Lights/Spots/Tracks Training with Alan/Austin

7:30-8:30pm: Backstage Committee & Backstage Crew spike stage, Props Committee & Props Crew set up

8:30pm: Mic’d cast dismissed, Backstage, Props, Lightboard, Spots Crew dismissed

9:30pm: Backstage Chair, Gracie, and Jovie dismissed

*Parent Committee Chairs will let their committee know how much time commitment will be required this day. Children who are not in the cast or crew must be in direct sight of their parent(s) at all times.

The following students must attend mic training: 

Charlie Brown Spencer
Lucy Van Pelt Katie C
Linus Van Pelt Trevin
Schroeder Tyson
Snoopy Mary
Sally Brown Chloe
Peppermint Patty Grace B.
Marcie Sophia N.
Frieda Emerson
Violet Gray Lily Sanders
Pig Pen Noah
Shermy Ian
Lily Strickland Lily Strickland
Maddie Pick Maddie Pick
Rylan Lewis Rylan Lewis
Karina Yuen Karina Yuen

A few things to remember: 

Show Boxes: All cast must bring their show box to move-in on Saturday. Make sure everything is labeled with your name. Anything that is a part of a costume needs to stay in your show box for the duration of the show run–shoes, socks, etc. If you need a refresher about show boxes, you can find more info here: Show Box Info

Food: There will be no dinner break on move-in day for the students. During all of dress week, students should have dinner BEFORE they arrive at the theater. Students may eat snacks during their individual down time. All students should have a water bottle at the theater for every rehearsal and performance.

Cast Attire: We will not be getting into costume, hair, or makeup on move-in day. Starting on MONDAY,  cast should arrive with hair done and wearing unders for each dress rehearsal and all performances. Makeup will be done at the theater after costumes are put on and while wearing a cover up.

Crew Attire: Crew should arrive at the theater wearing their crew shirt, black pants, socks and shoes for each dress rehearsal and all performances.

Safety Meeting: All parents who are new to this venue, please plan to attend a 30 minute safety meeting. This will be held in the auditorium from 7-7:30pm.

Thanks for all your hard work on the show so far! Here we go!