You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Missing Show Posters, Found Charm, and Script Return

Missing Show Posters:

We are missing 3 signed show posters that disappeared from under the auctions table at the theater. These were pre-ordered by families and were set aside for them to pick up. It’s possible someone picked one up not realizing they were spoken for. If you ended up with a show poster that you didn’t order or win at auction, please let me know so it can be returned to the Journey office. Thank you!

Souvenir Charm Found:

Also, there was a Charlie Brown souvenir charm found. If your student is missing theirs, let me know.

Scripts and Binders:

If your student still has their script or crew binder, it MUST be returned by Friday. There will be a $40 fee for scripts not returned by then.



Lost and Found

Lost and found items!  These items can be picked up at the wrap party on Friday, or at the Journey office at US Digital  between Monday, June 3rd and Friday, June 14th.  After that, they will be donated to Goodwill. The office is open from 9am – 3pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Connolly family–I have a blue and orange plaid shirt marked with your name. 🙂

Galvan family–I have a box of makeup/wipes marked with your name. 🙂

Red coat, Swiss Tech brand, size XL 14-16:

Jazz shoes, no brand or size markings–looks like a larger kid size or small adult size. These have been in the lost and found since callbacks.

Hoodie, Cat & Jack brand, size 10/12:

Lone jazz shoe, size 11:

inside markings:

Audition Feedback Guidelines

Because we are an educational theater company, we want to be able to offer constructive feedback from the audition experience so that students can continue to grow in their skills. Auditioning for a show is a vulnerable process; students often spend lots of time preparing and planning for the opportunity to showcase their best in their “Minute to Shine”. When casting goes a different direction than students hoped, there often is disappointment and a desire to improve.

With these things in mind, here are a few guidelines and reminders for requesting feedback from the artistic team:

1.) So that we don’t overload our artistic teams, we reserve feedback for students who were not cast in a lead role.

1.)  Students, not parents, should send an email request to the Show Director through the Show Coordinator ( Parents are welcome to help supervise students in their request, but it is important for the request to be initiated by the performer so the Director can address them directly.

2.)  Requests for feedback should be made before Act 1 Run Thru (July 12th).  Requests made after Act 1 Run Thru challenge the Director’s immediate memory recall.

3.)  Requests should be made via EMAIL ONLY. Face to face inquiries are inappropriate. They are stressful for the student and cause the Director to feel “on the spot”. Giving feedback via email allows Directors to consult with their team and compile notes in order to give a well thought out critique.

4.)  Students should expect to only receive feedback about their individual performance. Students will not be told why they did not receive a particular role. They will simply be given a critique of the audition they presented.

5.)  Students and parents are reminded that sometimes there are no specific improvements a student could make. They performed to an exemplary level and could not have done anything different to prepare more efficiently. Casting a show is a difficult process and theatrical story telling often relies on physical ability to convey the story. We encourage students to know and understand their “type” and embrace the opportunity for roles that suit their strengths.

The Artistic Team is committed to pursuing the Lord’s design and vision for the show. They “pray without ceasing,” sometimes for months before casting. Casting a show is an act of faith on their part and we trust that the Lord will help them to place kids where they can shine, be a blessing, be blessed, and bring glory to His name!

Excused Absences from Rehearsals

If the conflicts can be accommodated and your student is cast, those conflicts will be excused.

If conflicts are such that missing those rehearsals prove detrimental to the work of the show, it may mean that your student is not cast.

The assumption is that if your student can be at rehearsal when called, they will be.

Students MUST attend all shows.

Students must be present at all dress rehearsals unless there is a school conflict that determines a grade.

Please note that if a student is absent (for any reason) from a rehearsal where something new is taught, it is possible that they won’t be able to be in that scene/song/dance, or a portion thereof.  Because of our tight rehearsal schedule, the Artistic Team rarely has time to go back and re-teach what has already been taught.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Journey Chat Rooms

Dear Parents,

Some of you may know that many Journey students connect online via what they call “Journey Chats.” It’s important for parents to know that these online chat rooms are not initiated, sanctioned nor monitored by Journey staff. We encourage parents to be aware of their student’s activity if they are participating in any online conversations.
These conversations are overwhelmingly positive and serve as a place for students to encourage each other outside of classes and rehearsals, yet it is important to be aware of the inherent limitations and drawbacks of any online social platform. We love the relationships and community that is formed through Journey, and we will continue to encourage students to focus on building these friendships in-person.
Thanks for being a part of this amazing community!