Spring Shows

You can find information about our upcoming spring shows on the Journey website;  https://journeytheater.org/

In addition, you can go to the callboard for each show.  You may have to wade through some tabs to find what you are looking for… but information is there, including character descriptions.

The Honk callboard is found right here at https://vancouver.journeytheater.org/

The Velveteen Rabbit callboard is found at http://vaneast.journeytheater.org/

Students must be enrolled in a class in order to audition for a show.  Students may fill out a crew application even if not enrolled in a class, however students who are in class will have priority over those who are not.

Honk! Audition Information

If your child plans on auditioning, I encourage you to please take some time to review ALL of the tabs at the top of the page so that you are familiar with the audition process, schedules, expectations, parent commitments and more.

Students must currently be enrolled in a Journey class in order to audition. Enrollment in a class includes regular session and Studio.  Those taking one of our classes at King’s Way are also eligible to audition.  Students do not need to be enrolled in a class to apply for crew.

Auditions are open to Journey students currently enrolled in classes (ages 8-18).  Auditions will be held at First Presbyterian Church (4300 Main St., Vancouver) on Friday, March 31st, 2023.  Check in from 5 – 7 pm.  Doors open at 4:45.

Students must bring the following to auditions:

  • Auditioners prepare a vocal audition; prepared with a background track without a lead vocal. It is recommended that song selections be limited to 16 bars/measures, or 30-45 seconds from the time the student begins singing.  If at 1 minute an auditioner is still singing, the music will be stopped and the audition will end. See our Auditions Page for more information. Tracks must be downloaded to a phone or device. Do not rely on streaming.  There will not be a CD player available.  It is helpful to bring the appropriate adapter to connect your device to the speaker.
  • All auditioners must bring a current photo (a school photo is fine) and an audition form to the check in table.
  • All must complete an online costume form before coming to auditions.
  • All parents of those auditioning must complete an online parent committee form before coming to auditions.

If your student has a physical disability that requires accommodation at auditions, please email Shannon McIlroy at s.mcilroy@journeytheater.org at least 3 days prior to the audition date.

Friends and family are invited to watch auditions.  Auditions take place in groups of 10.  Even though check in closes at 7pm, auditions will continue until all are finished, which could go later than 9pm.  Auditioners are welcome to leave after their group of 10 is finished or they may stay and encourage others.

Students 10 – 18 are eligible to apply to be part of our crew.  It is not mandatory that a student be in a class this session in order to apply, however, students in class will have priority over students not in class.  A student who auditions may also submit a crew form if they wish to be considered in case of being cut. Unfortunately, we cannot always use everyone who applies for crew. Crew members MUST be present at every dress rehearsal and every show.

The online crew applications must be submitted by 7pm on Friday, March 31st. If a student is not auditioning and submitting a crew form only, there is no need to attend auditions.

The Stage Manager position will be evaluated by a separate application and determined prior to show auditions. If you are interested in applying for this position, please fill out the separate Stage Manager Application.  This application is due Friday, March 24th, by 7pm.

Conflicts may affect casting. You will have an opportunity to indicate any scheduling conflicts on the Audition Form. All cast and crew members must be able to attend every dress rehearsal and all performances.  Dress Rehearsal conflicts may be approved only for a school performance where the student’s grade would be impacted.


Watch this callboard the night of auditions for information on who will be called back!  Not being invited to callbacks does NOT mean that your student will not be cast.  Be sure to check the cast and crew announcement, right here on this callboard on Sunday, April 2nd, after 5:00pm.

Callbacks are by invitation only.  Auditioners do not receive a personal contact if invited to callbacks.  They will only be notified via this callboard:  vancouver.journeytheater.org.

Callbacks are closed.  Students will be dropped off at the entrance of the church at their callback time and will be picked up at the doors at the end of their scheduled session.  Students may be called at any time between 11:30am and 3:30pm.


Rehearsals are closed to parents unless the parent is involved as a committee member.  Students are expected to be at every rehearsal they are called for.  If conflicts were listed on the student audition form, students will be excused from those specific conflicts.  Excessive conflicts may affect casting. All Friday and Saturday rehearsals will be held at Summit View Church.  This Show Calendar lists all rehearsals that your student could be called to.

  • Friday rehearsals are held between 5pm– 9pm at First Presbyterian Church.
  • Saturday rehearsals are held between 11:30am – 4:30pm at First Presbyterian Church. (except for April 15th–rehearsal ends at 3:30pm)
  • Wednesday rehearsals are held between 5pm – 8pm at U.S. Digital. (1400 NE 136th Ave., Vancouver)
  • Not all students will be called to all rehearsals and may not be called for the entire rehearsal time.  Students should not come to rehearsal unless they are called.
  • Costume Parade will be on May 6th, running from 11:30am – 4:30pm.
  • Rehearsal dates:
    • April 14, 15, 21, 22,  26, 28, 29  May  3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 13

Summer show involvment: If you are in Honk! and also plan to audition for Matilda, the Journey summer show, please write “Honk” on the top of your Matilda audition form.  This will help the Matilda team know when to schedule you if you are asked to come to Matilda callbacks.

Parent participation is mandatory for all students who are cast in the show.  Parents of crew members are not required to serve on a parent committee, though participation is always welcome.  Parents will be assigned to various committees and will receive their assignment on or before April 10th.  Parent attendance is required at two parent meetings:  April 14th and May 5th, to be held during rehearsal time.  Crew member parents are required to attend the meeting on May 5th if this is the first time your student has been in a school year Journey production.

Production Fees of $155 will be assigned to all students cast in the show.  Fees are due Monday, April 10th, by noon.  They will be added to your Journey Family account shortly after casting.  You may log in to your account to pay or by calling the Journey office (360-750-8550).  Production fees include a t-shirt and a show sticker.  Shirt sizes must be listed on the student costume form.  Crew members and family members who wish to purchase additional shirts must do so by Monday, April 10th (by noon!) through the ordering link which will be accessed through the tab at the top of the callboard page.

We will move in to the theater during the afternoon/evening of Sunday, May 14th.  Crew will have a crew rehearsal in the evening, time TBA.  Shows will be at  First Presbyterian Church,  4300 Main St., Vancouver.  This day is a busy day for most parents working on parent committees. If children accompany you to the theater, they must remain with you at all times.

Dress rehearsals will be held at the church on Monday, May 15th, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the same week.  Rehearsal will be from 5:30 – 9:00pm.

Performances are scheduled for Friday, May 19th at 7pm; Saturday, May 20th at 2pm and 7pm; Thursday, May 25th at 9:30am and 12pm, Friday, May 26th at 7pm and Saturday, May 27th at 2pm and 7pm.  Full company photos will be taken in between the two shows on the 20th. We will present certificates and awards between the two shows on the 27th.  Parents are invited to attend.  All students and committee members will participate in strike (packing up, cleaning up and moving out) immediately after the final performance.

Opening Night Party will be held at a location to be determined immediately following the first performance on Friday, May 19th.

Cast and Crew Party will be held at a location to be determined the week following the close of the show if ticket sales are strong.  Details to follow.

I will be needing help to run auditions on March 31st.  I’ll be posting more information about that soon.

If you still have questions after reading through all this, do not hesitate to email me, Shannon McIlroy, at s.mcilroy@journeytheater.org

Thank you!

Honk! Stage Manager

The Stage Manager position will be evaluated by a separate application and determined prior to show auditions. If you are interested in applying for this position, please fill out Honk! Stage Manager Application

Applications are due by 7 pm on March 24th.

This position has additional attendance requirements than the rest of crew.  The Stage Manager will assist during Callbacks, will be at Paper Tech (date and time TBD), will be at every rehearsal, move-in, all dress rehearsals and all shows.  In addition, anyone applying for Stage Manager must be able to arrive to Callbacks and all rehearsals 15 minutes early, arrive to the theater 30 minutes before call time during dress rehearsals and 15 minutes before call time during performances.

Job Description

Stage Manager (Ages 14-18)

  • Assists director during ALL REHEARSALS.
  • Keeps track of script assignments
  • Collects scripts by strike and turns them in
  • Takes attendance
  • Takes notes for the director
  • Tracks script with cast members during rehearsal
  • Special errands and other tasks as directed
  • An experienced crew member with the skills to keep the whole show running smoothly
  • This person will mark a master script, then will call the cues for lights, sound, props and set changes
  • The director’s right-hand person
  • Attends Callbacks, all rehearsals, move in, dress rehearsals and performances


Excused Absences from Rehearsals

Be sure to list ALL a conflicts on the student audition form (it is helpful to note details such as late arrivals or needing to leave early).

If the conflicts can be accommodated and your student is cast, those conflicts will be excused.

If conflicts are such that missing those rehearsals prove detrimental to the work of the show, it may mean that your student is not cast.

The assumption is that if your student can be at rehearsal when called, they will be.

Students MUST attend all shows.

Students must be present at all dress rehearsals unless there is a school conflict that determines a grade.

Please note that if a student is absent (for any reason) from a rehearsal where something new is taught, it is possible that they won’t be able to be in that scene/song/dance, or a portion thereof.  Because of our tight rehearsal schedule, the Artistic Team rarely has time to go back and re-teach what has already been taught.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.